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Decimal to fractions converter helps you to convert any given decimal value into its equivalent fractions value. Just enter the decimal value inside the text area and tap on the converter button. As soon as you tap on the convert button, this app will automatically convert numbers to fractions and return the answer.

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Decimal Number to Fractions

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The calculation for decimal to fractions:

How to convert decimal numbers to fractions?

  • Convert a decimal number into an integer number. For example, if you want to convert 1.23 decimal value then make this number 123 and divide the number by 100 as 1.23 has two decimal points.
  • Find out the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) of the two numbers. Once you find out the GCF, divide both numbers by GCF.
  • Not down the remainder
  • Simplify the fraction and that's the final answer.
  • Consider the following example, to learn about decimal to fraction conversion in easier way,

    For example, if you want to convert the decimal value 1.42 into fraction value. Follow these steps to convert the numbers into equivalent fractions,

    -> 1.42 = 1 + 0.42
    -> 1 + 42/100
    -> 1 + 42÷2/100÷2
    -> 1 + 21/50
    -> 71/50

    Who Uses decimal to fraction calculator?

    We have noticed that a decimal number to fractions calculator is used by Students, educators, and professionals that are associated with any kind of financial institution. Many of these people often complain about the difficulty they face while converting a decimal number into a fraction number.

    For that reason, we have developed this calculator to convert decimal numbers to a fraction. You can use this converter totally for free by entering a decimal number and tapping on the convert button to get the correct answer in fraction form.