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Convert decimal to hexadecimal with this simple and effective app. To use this decimal to hex app, you just need to enter the decimal number that you want to convert and tap on the convert button. As soon as, you tap on the button, this dec to-hex translator will return the correct answer in a hexadecimal number.

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About decimal and hex numbers

A decimal number is a base-10 number while a hexadecimal number is a base-16 number. Hexadecimal is considered a modern representation of binary numbers and in many electronic systems hex numbers are used instead of a binary numbers.

Decimal numbers are the most common numbers for humans. We use this numbering system for regular math operations because these numbers are really easy to understand and calculate.

How to convert decimal to hexadecimal?

Follow these steps to convert a decimal into a hexadecimal number

  • Divide a decimal number by 16

  • Once divided, get the integer quotient

  • In the next iteration, get the reminder of that integer quotient for the Hex digit

  • Keep on repeating this technique until you get the quotient to 0

Converting smaller decimal numbers to hex numbers may seem easy but this process gets complicated as soon as you work on the bigger numbers. And eventually, this task becomes difficult.

In this situation, you should consider developing a decimal to hexadecimal converter on your own or using an online translator. This not only saves time but the program that is used to convert decimal to hex gives 100% correct answers. So, the tool decreases the error probability.

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