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Factorial Calculator With Calculation Steps


About Factorial Formula

The factorial formula is pretty simple actually. To calculate the factorial formula for the number 4, you should multiply each number starting from 4 until you get the last number 1. To understand this process in a better manner, have a look at the following example.

6! = 1⋅2⋅3⋅4⋅5⋅6 = 720

12! = 1⋅2⋅3⋅4⋅5⋅6⋅7⋅8⋅9⋅10⋅11⋅12 = 479001600

Most commonly, factorial is used in the field of mathematics. It is mainly used in the power series for the exponential function and other functions. Along with that, they also have a few applications in the concepts like algebra, number theory, probability theory, and computer science. So, if you planning to opt for any of these fields then it becomes important for you to learn about factorial concepts.