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Text to binary conversion tool that helps students and educators to find out the correct answer for ASCII to binary conversion with just one click.

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How to convert text to binary?

In order to convert ASCII text to binary, follow these steps,

  • Get the Text character that you want to convert into Binary

  • Find out the decimal code of that character

  • Convert that decimal value into binary

  • Repeat the same process for each character

About this ASCII to Binary Conversion App

This Text to binary conversion is one of the most advanced converters for ASCII values. In order to use this app, you can either type the text value inside of the text box or you can just paste the text field that you want to convert into binary. Once you enter the text value, hit on the convert button. As soon as you click on the convert button, you will get the correct answer for text to binary conversion in the answer box.

About English to Binary Conversion

Only because of the text to binary conversion concepts, you can read this information on your electronic system. As a matter of fact, Binary is a 2-bit number that just electronics systems, mother boards, and micro-controllers can understand. At the same time, it is next to impossible for humans to understand a binary value.

Humans can understand text values easily while electronic systems can understand binary. For that reason, many scientists and software developers prefer to use binary numbers on the server side while they use text or ASCII values on the client side. Doing this makes it easy for developers and engineers to develop a bridge between a user and a processor.

So, when you enter a text value, a processor converts text to binary for the computer to understand the command properly and when it is ready with the output, it converts that binary number to ASCII and displays it to the user. So, these are the main reasons why ASCII to binary conversion is important for everyone.

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