Binary to Text (English) Converter

Convert binary to text(ASCII) values easily with this simple tool. To convert the bin to text, insert a number or a text in binary into this text box and hit the convert button to get desired results.

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How to convert binary to text?

Follow these steps in order to convert binary to ASCII values,

  • Differentiate each number in the binary byte

  • Convert that separated binary byte into decimal

  • Find out the character of ASCII Value

  • Repeat the same process for all bytes

How to use this binary to English converter?

To use this binary to text conversion tool, you just need to insert the binary value (a value that includes just zeros and ones) inside of the text area. You can either type by yourself or paste values. Once you are ready with the input, you can go ahead and click on the binary to text answer button. As soon as you click on the button, you will get the binary to words conversion answer in the least amount of time.

For example, if you want to convert the binary value "01000100 01000011" into text then enter the same binary number into the tool and click on the convert button. Once you tap on the convert button, you will receive the answer "DC" inside of the answer box.