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Binary to decimal conversion app helps everyone to convert a binary number into a decimal number. To use this tool, you just need to insert the binary value inside the text box and tap on the convert button. Once you click on the convert button, this tool will automatically convert binary to decimal and show the final answer.

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How to convert binary to decimal?

A binary is a base-2 number that contains just zeros and ones while a decimal number is a base-10 number that contains 0 to 9 numbers. Follow these steps to convert binary to decimal easily.

  • Since binary is a 2-bit number, a decimal number is equal to the sum of total binary digits in a number times their power of 2(2 raised to n)

Decimal = d0×20 + d1×21 + d2×22 + d3×33 + d4×44 + d5×55...

Importance of binary to decimal conversion

In the numbering system, both of these numbers, binary, and decimal are very important. A binary number contains just zeros and ones. It is next to impossible for humans to read long binary numbers and at the same time, reading and learning about binary numbers is very easy for computer systems.

Decimal is a different numbering system. It is a base-10 number that humans can easily read and learn. Along with that, we use decimal numbers in our daily life for regular operations in math, trading, business, accounts, and much more.

The biggest advantage of converting binary to decimal is to develop a bridge between these two numbering systems. Whenever a developer is working on a system that works with both client and server then in this situation, he needs to develop a binary to decimal converter.

With the help of such a converter, binary to decimal conversion is made easy with the server can decode the instruction coming from the client and the client can read the response from the server.