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The quadratic equation calculator helps you to solve any quadratic equation with just one tap. Enter the numbers and fill in the quadratic numbers in the textbox and calculate quadratic numbers.

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The quadratic equation: x2+ x+
discriminant: Δ  =
Quadratic formula: x1,2=
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Second root: x2 =

About Quadratic Equations

Before understanding quadratic equations, let's have a look at the quadratic equation. The quadratic equation is written and explained below.

ax2 + bx + c = 0

As per the above equation, the values of a, b, and c are the numbers. They can be any number while x square and x are imaginary numbers. Typically, quadratic equations are used to calculate the areas of a closed space, the average speed of a moving object, finance the profit and loss of any product, and curve pieces of equipment in terms of design.

About This Quadratic Equation Solver App

This quadratic equation solver app is one of the most advanced apps that helps in solving any quadratic equation.

To use this simple app, you have to enter three values in the form of a,b, and c. Once you enter these three values inside the textbox, you should go ahead and tap on the convert button. Once you tap on the button, you will be returned the final answers for this equation. The final answer includes Discriminant, Quadratic formula, First root, and Second root.