Pythagorean theorem calculator

An online calculation app that helps you to implement Pythagorean equations called Pythagorean theorem calculator.

Calculator for Pythagorean Theorem

Leg (a) conversion:

Hypotenuse (c) result :

Leg (b) conversion:

Usage of this Pythagorean Theorem Calculator

This Pythagorean Theorem Calculator is one of the most advanced calculation apps that helps you to calculate the pythagorean theorem with just one tap. There are three different sections of this app. First is Leg (a), second is Hypotenuse (c) result, and the third is Leb (b) conversion.

Whenever you want to calculate the value of Leg(a) then you must have two values in the form of hypotenuse & Leg (b). In the same way, if you want to calculate hypotenuse then you must have the values of Leg (a) & Leg (b).

Once you have both of these values, you should go ahead and put those values inside of the textarea and as soon as you enter these values and tap on the Pythagorean theorem calculation button, this app will automatically show you the final result in less than one second. Along with that, this tool also works offline as well once it is totally compiled so you can also use this app easily offline.

About Pythagorean Theorem

Following are a few formulas to calculate the value of Leg (a), Leg (b), and Hypotenuse (c) on your own. Once you calculate these three values on your own, you can always check the final answer on any of the tools above.

Equation for Hypotenuse (c) calculation:


Leg (a) calculation


Leg (b) calculation


You can apply any of these formulas in order to calculate the final value for your answer and do not forget to check out this tool to check your final answer.