PPM Converter

Use this simple PPM converter to convert PPM to decimal, PPM to percent, PPM to permille, PPM to PPB, and PPM and PPT. Along with this unit, you can also convert all these units including PPM and PPT to PPM.

PPM, PPB, PPT, Decimal, Percent, Permille Converter


About this PPM Converter

This is a one-stop solution for PPM conversion. With the help of this app, you can easily convert PPM to all the other major units. Below, we have mentioned all the major conversion units from which PPM can be converted.

  • PPM to PPT
  • PPM to PPB
  • PPM to decimal
  • PPM to percentage
  • PPM to permille
  • PPB to PPT
  • PPB to PPM
  • PPT to PPB
  • PPT to PPM

How to use this PPM Converter?

This is one of the most advanced PPM converters developed specifically for students. It can convert PPM to PPB, PPM to PPT, and PPM to Decimal on user input. To use this PPM converter, you just need to insert any decimal, percent, permille, PPM, PPB, or PPT value inside of the textbox and the ppm converter tool will automatically convert these units on user input.

What is a PPM Unit?

The term PPM is nothing but parts per million and it is also denoted by milligrams per liter. This unit is mainly used in the field of nanotechnology. Most of the small objects and creatures that we cannot see with open eyes are denoted in the PPM(parts per million).

Same as PPM, PPT is also used in the field of NANO technology. It is used to represent objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Over the last few years, the usage of NANO technology has increased rapidly and eventually the usage of these units has also increased. And eventually, the usage of these ppm converters has also increased.

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