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This vat calculator makes it really easy to add or subtract Value-added tax in the least amount of time.

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What is a VAT?

VAT is widely known as a value-added tax and it is mainly imposed on different products in many countries around the world. Popular countries that impose VAT around the world are China, Bulgaria, Barbados, Costa Rica, UAE, Egypt, Georgia, Indonesia, Israel, South Korea, Morocco, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and many other countries around the world. Among all these countries, Europe imposes the maximum percentage of VAT.

If you are buying a product from any country that imposes VAT then you have to pay the VAT as per the country's norms. You can calculate the VAT value on your own but this process is complicated and each country has its different VAT percentage. To make things faster, you can use our VAT to calculate totally for free.

To use this VAT calculator, you just need to enter the base price of a product. Once you insert the product, you can go ahead and click on either add VAT or subtract VAT button. If you have entered the price including VAT then you can tap on the subtract vat in order to find out the total vat imposed and the actual price of a product. And if you are yet to calculate VAT then you can tap on the add VAT button.

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