MB, KB, GB, TB, Bits, Bytes Converter

A really simple app converts MB, KB, GB, TB, Bits and Bytes with user input.

MB, KB, GB, TB Conversion App

How to Use this MB, KB, GB Conversion App?

This is one of the simplest conversion apps that convert MB, KB, GB, TB, Bits, and Bytes with just one input. To use this app, you just have to insert any values from these units and the app will automatically convert that value to its equivalent values on the user input.

About MB, KB, GB, Bytes, Bits Units

Most of these units are used in computer systems to measure the size of different software files. TB is the largest unit and at the same time bit is the lowest unit. The oldest computer processing language that is binary language is a 2-bit language. The binary only includes zeros and ones.


TB is the largest unit for measuring files. Most modern computers and laptops' memory is measured in the TB unit. There are several hard disks also available that are measured in TB. The full form of this unit is terabyte. The system with 1 TB memory can almost save every file and more than 1000 movies as well.


GB is the most common unit to measure the size of a file, movie, game, and more. The GB stands for Gigabyte and 1000 GB is equal to 1 TB. Over the past 20 years, GB has been the prime big file-measuring unit in laptops and computer systems.


With the kind of revolution in video quality and games, MB has become a small unit to measure the size of games. However, different exe files, high-quality photos, small videos, and other small software are measured in the MB units.

KB, Bytes, Bits

In this fast-moving world, more movies and games are occupying more sizes on computer systems, and the demand for making the software smaller has increased. For example, the computer programming software called Vue.js is just 16 KB but you can build a high-end website with this 16 KB software. So, KB, Bits, and Bytes have been used to measure the smaller files. Apart from that the downloading speed from the internet is also measured in the KB. The smaller files then the KB are often measured in the units like Bits and Bytes.

GB, MB, KB Conversion Table

1 1000 1000000
0.03 30 30000
0.12 120 120000
0.57 570 570000
0.145 145 145000
84 84000 84000000
96 96000 96000000
102 102000 102000000
150 150000 150000000