MD5 Hash Generator

Generate MD5 hash with just one click. Just enter the number or text for which you want to generate the md5 hash and tap on the generate button. As soon as you tap on the generate button, this app will convert the string into an md5 hash and return the answer.

MD5 Hash Generator

About MD5 Hash

MD5 hash generator gets the String that you enter inside the text and encodes the string into a 128-bit fingerprint. For each particular string, the md5 hash output will be a similar 128-bit fingerprint. So, md5 hash is not exactly an encryption but it is simply a fingerprint of a given input.

Mainly MD5 Hash is used in software engineering. Most developers prefer to first convert passwords into an md5 hash and then store that password in the database. However, this should not be considered a great practice because an Md5 hash can also be retrieved to get the original string.

Apart from that, the primary use of an MD5 hash is authentication. It is much easier to authenticate a file by checking the original file against the duplicate file. Earlier it was used for security and authentication but now it is used for authentication. Because of the latest technologies, it is easy to decrypt an md5 hash, it is not advisable to store passwords in the database in the form of md5 just to enhance security.

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