Cal to Kilojoules

Looking for the simplest app that can convert calories into kilojoules? You are at the perfect place, this app not only converts calories to kilojoules, but it also works offline.

Cal to KJ

Convert calories to kilojoules with this tool!

The biggest reason behind the requirement for a calorie to kilojoules converter is nothing but different countries' standard energy measuring units. If you are a Gym enthusiast and ordering products from different countries then you might not be able to calculate the energy of different products because it might be either written in calories or kilojoules. To simplify the confusion, we have developed this really simple calories to kilojoules conversion app that helps you to convert these units with just one click. Apart from that, once the app is fully loaded, you can use the app offline as well.

Other Uses of this Tool

Apart from professional use, this conversion app can also be very helpful for students of fitness, training, and Physiotherapy. As a matter of fact, the people associated with fitness and training are often asked different questions regarding calories and joules, in this situation, if they have a tool like this for calories to kilojoule then they can easily reply to their clients with exact numbers.

About Calories and Kilojoules Units

Both of these units, Calories, and kilojoules are popular to measure the total amount of energy in a food product or a chemical product. These units are used by lab technicians to calculate or predict the total energy released after a chemical reaction. As discussed above, many countries measure energy units in calories unit while other countries measure energy in kilojoules. so, an online tool can be a quick bridge between these two units and it can be a perfect converter for calories to kilojoules conversion.

The equation for calories to kj

1 calorie = 4.184 Kilojoules

12 cal = 50.208 Kj

So, this is the simple equation for calories to kj conversion, you can do the calculation on your own or you can always use our conversion app anytime anywhere totally for free.