Kcal to calories

Converting Kcal to calories is made easy with this app. To convert kcal into cal, you just need to insert the kilocalories value that you want to convert and tap on the convert button. Once you tap on the button, this app will convert kcal to cal and show an equivalent answer.

kcal to calories

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How to convert Kcal to cal?

Converting kcal to calories is an easy task. To convert these units, you just have to convert the kilocalories value by 1000 to get the correct answer. For example, if you want to convert 12 kilocalories into the equivalent calorie value then after multiplying 12 by 1000, you will get 12000 as a final answer.

Where kcal and calories units are used?

Both of these units are used to measure the energy of any particular product. Kcal is mainly used to express food energy primarily energy per mass. For example, a packaged food item contains 12 kcal/gram. At the same time, calories are also used to measure energy as well.

Calories are used to present energy in smaller food products while Kilocalories are used to measure the energy in larger food products.

The Equation to convert kcal to calories

1 Kcal = 1000 cal

21 kilocalories = 21000 calories