Calories to Joules

Conversion from calories into equivalent joules is made easy with this innovative app.

Calories to Joules

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How to use this calorie to joules calculator?

To use the calories to joules converter, first, you need to insert calorie values inside of the first box and select an option from Large/food calories, Small thermochemical calories, and small 15 Degree calories and tap on the answer button. As soon as you tap on the convert button, you will get the calories converted into equivalent joules value. All these three options from joules are explained below.

Calories explanation

There are three types of calories. A large calorie is the total amount of energy required to raise 1 Kilogram of water by 1-degree calculus, that is called large/food calories. Same way, if you want to increase the temperature of one gram of water by one degree then this calorie is called a thermochemical calorie.

Who needs calories to joules converter?

In the chemical industry, calorie to joules converter is used to measure the total energy released after a chemical reaction. Apart from that, the European Union uses Kilojoules on their label while the United states use calories on the food labels. So, if you are also associated with the energy business then it is important for you to learn how to convert calories to joules for ease of doing business.