Text/URL Encode/Decode With Base64 Method

URL Encode/Decode

Features of this Text Encoder/Decoder App

This text encoder/decoder app is made with really simple and easy-to-use features. To use this simple text encoder/decoder, you just have to insert the text inside of the textbox. You can either type the whole text or you can text the text for encoding. Once you enter the text, you can go ahead and tap on either the encoded text or decode text button. As soon as you tap on the encode/decode button, the app will convert the text string according to the button tapped and show you the final answer.

Uses of this Text Encoder/Decoder App

This text encoder decoder app has several advantages. The first is that you can save your sensitive data if you want no one to read that data. For example, if you are storing your password in the Excel sheet then you can convert the password to base64 or encode it to base64 and then save it to the Excel sheet. If you open the sheet then everyone will see the encoded version of your password instead of the real password.

Along with that, you can also convert a text message into base64 and show the output to the users.