Sum Calculator

To use this sum calculator, keep on entering numbers in the text box below and tap on the calculate button to get the final answer. Make sure to differentiate each number with a comma otherwise, this sum calculator will consider that number as a single number and add all the digits inside of that number.

Sum Calculate(Plus/Minus) - Separate each number with a comma.

About this Sum Calculator

This sum calculator is an advanced way to add numbers or subtract numbers. This sum calculator returns the correct answer with just one tap on the answer button. To use this app, you just have to insert positive or negative numbers inside the text area separate those values by a simple comma, and tap on the calculate button. As soon as you tap on the button, this sum calculator will automatically add or subtract values on the list and return the final answer to the user.

A sum is just adding one value to another value. If two values are to be added to each other and in case one value has a minus sign then the sum becomes a subtraction and the final answer will have the same sign as the bigger number has. The formula for the sum calculator is shown below.

Sum = X + X1 + X2 + (-X3) + X4 + X5 + X6

Importance of this Sum Calculator

This sum calculator is developed specifically for sum calculation and on top of that, working on this calculator is much faster than the traditional calculator. Because of this calculator, you are not required to tap on the plus or minus sign each time you want to make a calculator. You just have to tap on the comma and perform the summation. Not only that but you can also check all the numbers on the screen that you have inserted to check whether there is a typing error or not.