Subtraction Calculator and Subtraction Test

To use this subtraction calculator, you just have to insert two numbers for subtraction and tap on the get answer button. If you want to conduct a test of subtraction in the class then you can also conduct a test and each system will have a different subtraction question.

Subtraction(Number1 - Number2)


Subtraction Quiz

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About this subtraction calculator

This app is specifically developed to calculate the subtraction value from two numbers. To use this subtraction calculator, you just need to insert the first number and the second number inside of the box and tap on the subtract button to get the final answer. There is an add-on in this subtraction app as well. We have developed an additional feature in this app that is called the subtraction test.

With the help of this subtraction test feature, you will easily be able to conduct a subtraction test amongst the learners. Once the test is completed, this app auto-checks the answers and returns the final result with ease.