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90% Probability of a crash after August 2023.

  • August Indication: 0.4 Bearish/Crash
  • September Indication: 0.5 Bearish
  • October Indication: 0.5 Bearish

Based on the data, our AI algorithm predicts that August is going to be bearish for all the stock indexes around the world. The month of August might be neutral to bearish for the stock markets and there won't be a great opportunity for traders. However, the month of September is going to be bearish and one should consider booking half profit in September.

Our AI predicts that August-2023 is going to be bearish for markets all around the world.

The AI-based probability meter indicates the probability of this prediction. This is the prediction for one month. The stock market prediction and probability will be updated automatically by the AI model as soon as it discovers a new pattern or finds out significant data. This probability meter may change quickly in case any important news breaks out.

About this Stock Market Predictor

An AI-based Stock market indexes predictor. This stock market predictor uses machine learning algorithms and stock market data of over 60 years to predict the direction of stock market indexes. In the recent past, our stock market predictor predicted the February-March 2022 market crash in the first week of February month based on the data. With the help of Artificial Intelligence techniques, we have trained our machine to read the stock market indexes through data build-up and technical analysis.