Standard deviation calculator

A simple Standard deviation calculator that returns correct answer for Sample standard deviation, Population variance, Sample variance, and mean with just one tap on the answer button.

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What is standard deviation?

Standard deviation simply means in statistics, how much the members of a particular group differ from the mean value(An average value in numbers) of a group. Unlike maths, this data is not accurate but it is just the Estimate calculated by a math or a statistics expert. A small standard deviation indicates that the data is somewhere around the value of a mean and a large standard deviation indicates that the data is more spreadout.

About this Standard Deviation Calculator

This app is specifically developed to calculate the standard deviation based on the input data values. To use this app, you should have a set of values that need to be taken into consideration to calculate standard deviation. Once you gather that data, you should just tap on the calculate button to get the final answer.

As soon as you tap on the convert button, you will be answered in the form of Population standard deviation, Sample standard deviation, Population variance, Sample variance, and Mean. Below is the explanation for each of these terms.

Population standard deviation

As the name suggests, population standard deviation is nothing but the standard deviation of an entire population.

Sample Standard Deviation

The sample standard deviation is the square root of a sample variance and it is also considered as a spread from the changed values that are pre-determined.


In the statistics subject, the Mean is nothing but the average value of a data set. For example, if the data set has values like 3, 6, and 9 then the mean of this data set will be 6 because 6 is the average value in this data set.