Right triangle calculator

A right-angeled triangle or an orthogonal triangle where one angle is the right triangle and this tool helps you to calculate the right triangle.

Enter any two sides from side a, side b, and side c to get the answer in angel A and angel B.

About the right triangle calculator

A right triangle calculator is also known as a rectangle triangle or a triangle where one angle is the right angle and the other two sides are perpendicular. So, this type of triangle is called a right triangle. The process of calculating the angles of this triangle is called right triangle calculation. This app is specifically developed to solve such errors related to the right triangle.

How to use this right triangle calculator app?

The usage of this simple right triangle calculator is even more simple. You just need to insert the value of side a and side b inside the number area and tap on the get calculation button. As soon as you tap on the get calculation button, you will receive the final answer of side c, Angle A, and Angle B with just one click.

Here, side a and side b are nothing but the perpendicular sides of a triangle while side c is the angle at which the line is connected with side a and side b. That is the value that you might be calculating. To find out the answer, you can select an option between radian and degrees.