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Enter a percentage value or a decimal number inside the text box and convert either percent to decimal or a decimal number into percentage value easily.

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About this Percentage to Decimal to Percentage Calculator

There are two forms given in this app/calculator one form is for percent to decimal conversion and the other form is for decimal to percentage conversion for any number. You need to enter either a percentage or a decimal number based on your requirement. As soon as you enter the number and tap on the convert button, this converter will show the answer immediately.

How to Convert Percent to Decimal?

To convert percent to decimal, you just have to divide the value that you want to convert by 100. For example, if you want to convert 57% percentage to decimal then you have to divide 57 by 100 and you will get 0.57 as a final answer.

How to convert Decimal to Percentage?

To convert a number from decimal to percentage, you need to multiply the value that you want to convert by 100.