Logarithm/Antilog Calculator

This logarithm calculator is developed specifically to calculate the logarithm values for various values. With the help of this logarithm calculator, you can have a fully customized base and based on that base, the calculator will return the final answer.

Enter base, value and calculate Logarithm


Antilog Calculator


How to Use this Logarithm and Antilog Calculator?

To use this simple Logarithm calculator, you just have to enter the base value of a number, insert the value for which you want to calculate the log, and tap on the get answer button. As soon as you tap on the button, you will be returned the final answer to your query.

To use an antilog calculator, you just have to insert bas and the value that you want to convert. By default the base is set to 10, you can always change it by inserting other values and then tap on the calculate button. Once you tap on the convert button, this tool will convert the antilog value and show you the final answer.

The equation for log and antilog is as follows,

y = logb x

When the above equation is written for the logarithm then the following equation is used to find the final answer for anti-log.

x = logb-1(y) = b y

So, with the help of such simple equations, you can easily finalize the value for logarithm and antilog in the least amount of time. However, to check your final answer you can always use our app by inputting the value and selecting a base.