LCM Calculator

LCM also known as Least common multiple is one of the most commonly used terms in the world of mathematics. Starting from primary schools until the complex mathematical operation, this LCM calculator has been used by everyone.

Least Common Multiple Calculator

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How to Calculate LCM?

To find out the LCM of any given number, you need to follow these steps,

First of all, find the prime factors of the given numbers by repeating the division method and dividing the number until it gets undividable

Not down all the numbers in their exponent form and find out the product of those numbers that have the highest power and perform this process for each number

The final product of such factors with the highest power is the LCM of any given number. You can understand this process with an example with the help of our tool above.

About this LCM Calculator

To use this LCM calculator, you will have to insert numbers inside of the text area by separating the numbers by a comma. Once you are done inputting these numbers, you can tap on the get answer button, and you will get the final Least common multiple answers in less than one second.

This app is specifically developed for the students and educators and that is why we have made sure that the app works offline once it is fully compiled. Apart from that, the app also works well in the places with slower interest speed.

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