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Really simple kilojoules to calories conversion app specifically developed for Gym enthusiasts.

Kilojoules to calories

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About KJ and calories Units

Both of these units, KJ and calories are famously used to measure the energy in a food product. Along with that, these units are also used by Gym enthusiasts after doing exercise for a few or several hours. Many countries in the world prefer to use Kilojoules to calculate the energy in a product while many other countries prefer to use calories to measure the energy. This conversion from kilojoules to calories often gets confusing for that reason, we have decided to develop an online tool that helps everyone to calculate kj to calories conversion for free.

How to use this Kj to calories converter?

Converting Kilojoules to calories is not a difficult task. You need to follow these instructions in order to convert KJ to calories in the least amount of time.

First of all, enter the kilojoules value inside of the textarea and once you enter the information, you need to select an option below. You need to select an option from Large Food calories, small thermochemical calories, and small 15 Degree calories. If you are not sure which one you want to select then select the 15 Degree calories.

Once you enter these two pieces of information, you need to go ahead and tap on the convert button. As soon as you tap on the convert button, there will be a final answer in calories. That is the final conversion of kilojoules to calories.

Kilojoules to calories conversion table

Kilojoules Calories
1 0.239006
6 1.434034
12 2.868069
30 7.170172
39 9.321224
42 10.038241
78 18.642447
66 15.774379
222 53.059273
444 106.118547
777 185.707457
1023 244.502868
2658 635.277247
40611 9706.26195
1000 239.005736

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