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An innovative and simple app that can calculate inflation forward and backward. Not only that, it has the inflation date of the last 100 years and you can compare the purchasing power of any amount between two years.

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About this Inflation Calculator

This inflation calculator is specifically developed for economics students and those who love reading about economics. This inflation calculator is developed in a way that not only economics experts but also those who are not associated with economics can learn about economics. Not only learn but one can also calculate the inflation in a country and plan their retirement accordingly.

The inflation rate of each product is different. Those products or assets that have more demand have a higher rate of inflation. For example, the real-estate inflation rose 4.5 percent last year and if you are planning to buy a house after five years then with the help of this inflation calculator you can easily calculate what would be the house price after five years. By calculating this, you can also figure out how much money you need to save to buy your dream home. Just like home, there is food inflation, rent inflation, car inflation, and much more.

To help you learn the concept of inflation in a more detailed manner, we have gathered the inflation data of the last hundred years and developed an inflation calculator with the help of that data. In this last hundred years inflation calculator, you can easily select the year, enter the amount for which you want to calculate the inflation, and the year for which you want to check the purchasing power of the amount that you have entered. After inputting all this information, this inflation calculator will show the final answer.