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An innovative app to convert Inches to Pixels and Px to Inches on user input.

Inches to PX to Inches


About this Inches to PX to IN Converter

This is one of the most innovative Inches to Pixels and Pixels to Inches converter apps that helps you to convert both of these units on user input. To use this Pixels and inches converter, you just have to insert the value inside the text and as soon as you enter the values, you will receive the final answer in less than one second.

How to Convert Inches and Pixels Units?

The conversion of Pixels and Inches is really simple. First, we will convert Pixels to Inches.

The value of one Px is equal to 0.0104166667 inches. So, whenever you want to convert these units, you just need to multiply the value that you want to convert by 0.0104166667 in order to get the final answer. For example, if you want to convert 120 px into in then after multiplication you will get 1.250000004 as a final answer.

1 px = 0.0104166667 Inches

15 pixels = 0.1562500005 in

The value of 1 inch is equal to 96 pixels. This conversion becomes helpful for web developers who are developing any kind of mobile app and to calculate the screen size and convert that size to a program, they need to convert Inches to Pixels.