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Hexadecimal to decimal converter helps you to convert a hex number into the equivalent decimal number. To use this app, you just need to enter the hexadecimal number in the text box and tap on the convert button. As soon as you tap on the button, you will get the equivalent conversion of hexadecimal numbers into a decimal numbers.

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How to convert hex to decimal?

A normal decimal number is a base-10 number while a hexadecimal number is a base base-16 number. For example, the decimal number 61 can be described as,

37(10) = 3×101+7×100 = 37

Hex numbers can also be read the same way but the power for a hexadecimal number is 16 instead of 10. So, to convert a hex number into a decimal number, you can follow the following equation,

25(16) = 2×161+5×160 = 37

This is the simplest way to convert hexadecimal to decimal values. This may seem simple because we have used a small number for this translation.

When you try to convert much bigger numbers into decimal values, then the task may get complicated. In that case, we recommend you use our hex to decimal translator for such conversions.

About Hex and Decimal Numbers

Both of these numbers are important when it comes to the numbering systems. A decimal number is the base 10 number while a hexadecimal number is the base 16 number.

Hex numbers are the advanced representation of binary numbers. Since it is a 16-bit number, it requires a lot more memory on the electronic machine. For that reason, hex numbers are only used in larger electronic systems. For smaller circuits, most technical people prefer to use binary.

Decimal is a base-10 number that is used by humans in their daily life. All the basic concepts of mathematics are based on decimal numbers. You most probably used decimal numbers in your daily for almost every task you do.

Decimal numbers can easily be read by humans while hexadecimal numbers are used for the machine. In this situation, if you are working on an electronic device that is dealing with both humans and servers then you need to develop a hexadecimal to the decimal translator. With the help of such a hex to decimal converter, you can easily convert hex value to decimal and vice-versa.

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