Check Domain IP

Enter a domain name and check the IP address of that domain.

What Exactly is A Domain IP?

Every domain that we visit online runs on a particular IP address. Since it is difficult for us to remember an IP address, developers redirect a domain name to the IP address in the background when a request for a specific domain name comes. The source code of a particular website or a web app is stored on the server and the server is hosted by an IP address. So, whenever you visit a website domain, you are not visiting the domain name but you are visiting the source code that is hosted on a server.

What is the Use of Domain IP Checker?

With the help of a domain IP checker, you can know on which IP address your website is running. To log in to the web server where your source code is hosted, you need an IP address of your server. With the help of this domain IP checker, you can find out the IP address. Not only the IP address but you can also figure out the location, timezone, region, and some basic details about the server.

How to Use this Domain Checker?

The application of this domain checker is pretty simple. You just have to insert the domain address inside the text area on this domain checker app and tap on the check IP address button. You can enter the domain with HTTP, without HTTP, with www or without www. Remember many websites are hosted at multiple locations so the IP addresses for www and nonwww domains might differ. So, once you tap on the check domain IP button, you will get this informations.

  • Domain IP Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Location
  • Server Organization
  • Postal Code
  • Region
  • Time Zone

All this information is publicly available and you can copy the information provided by this domain IP checker and paste it anywhere you want.