Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator App

The calculation of BMI is applied to men, women, and children. Use this app to calculate the Body mass index for your family and friends.

Calculate Body Mass Index


How to calculate Body Mass index?

A person's height and body weight is all required to calculate Body mass index(BMI). The formula to calculate BMI is weight in Kilograms divided by height in meters square. This calculation may seem complicated, in that case, you can use the above tool for BMI calculation. To use this BMI Calculator, you just need to insert the height and weight of a person and tap on the get BMI answer button. You can either give height units in feet and inches or centimeters. Same way, you can insert weight units in either pounds or kilograms.

How to read the results returned from this BMI Calculator?

Below are the results that may occur after you enter the height and weight of a person.


The Underweight result occurs when the BMI of a person is less than 18.5. People with less than 18.5 BMI may face Malnutrition risk. Such people should eat fortified food items that contain extra nutrients. Along with that, they can also have drinks that contain a lot of calories.

Normal weight

All the people with BMI less than 25 and greater than 18.5 value fall in the normal weight category. People with normal weight have low health risks and they can eat probably everything but make sure to work out regularly.


Those people with a BMI number greater than 30 falls in the overweight category and they might have enhanced health risks. This condition is not much serious and one can easily become healthy by controlling one diet and regular exercising.

Moderately obese

People with BMI numbers greater than 35 are Moderately obese. This is a serious condition and people must follow a strict diet and do proper exercise every day without a cheat day. There is a Medium health risk for people with such a condition.

Severely obese

People greater than 40 BMI fall in the category of Severely obese and there is a very high health risk for people with such a condition. Along with that, people must visit a dietitian expert the get a full body checkup as soon as possible otherwise it may get late.

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